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Paul's funeral

GeneralPosted by Judy Tue, August 15, 2017 09:41:55
Hazel has sent me the first details of Paul's funeral which is on Monday 21st August, at Grenoside Crematorium, Skew Hill Lane, Grenoside S35 8RZ at 2.45 pm. It's in the larger chapel which Hazel thinks is the North one and afterwards at the Peacock at Stannington.

Paul Brady

GeneralPosted by Judy Mon, August 14, 2017 14:34:46
Val - our secretary - received an email from Hazel this morning (which she has passed to me as she is on holiday) to say that Paul died yesterday. As many of you know, Paul has been ill for several years so has not been able to walk with us but many of us remember him with great affection.

I have asked Hazel to let me know funeral arrangements when they are available and I will pass them on.

I'm sure all our thoughts will be with the family at this time.

Peak District Boundary Walk

GeneralPosted by Judy Wed, June 14, 2017 14:59:56
If anyone would still like to join us on this walk on Saturday for the opening of the Peak District Boundary Walk you are quite welcome to just come along. I've heard from the organizer that there is no limit to numbers - it's just that they want to issue all walkers with a certificate/passport and there may not be enough for extra walkers. They would send them on later for anyone who wanted them anyway. If you let me know earlier if you're coming I can email her.

There are 5 of us booked to go at the moment and we're getting the number 62 bus at 08.55 at the Charles Street bus stop on Arundel Gate (or at various places en route). It arrives at Low Bradfield at 09.41 and we're meeting at the Post Office for an official send-off at 10 am. The walk finishes at Ringinglow (about 9-10 miles) and we'll then catch the number 4 bus at 4pm or, if we miss that - or prefer to do it anyway - we'll walk down Porter Valley for the 120 or 83a at Fulwood village.

Join us if you can.

Help wanted!

GeneralPosted by Judy Tue, June 06, 2017 18:46:55
I recently got the email below which is self-explanatory. I have been in touch with Jen and promised her maps as I have lots of doubles or trebles of local maps. However, I have asked her how many she needs so we may want more.

At the moment, though, it looks as if it's the other stuff we may need. Can anyone help?
She's promised everything will be taken care of and returned. If you could let me know if you have anything we could collect it all together and get it to her in one go.

Hi there,

I was wondering if you could help me.

My name’s Jen and I’m a member of the stage management department at Sheffield Theatres.

We’re currently in rehearsals with a brand new play called What We Wished For, which is a spin on old fairytales. This will play in the Crucible theatre next month.

Two of our characters are Hansel and Gretel and in our story they are retired Scouts leaders who are usually seen with a patrol of kids.

I’m emailing because we’re trying to kit out the characters with orienteering equipment; compasses, maps of Sheffield and the Peaks, whistles, walkie talkies etc.

I was wondering if you had any old or surplus equipment that you would be happy to lend us for our production or if you’d be able to advise us where to source these things from?

We will be able to give credit in the show’s programme if you are able to lend us things.

Thanks so much in advance for your help.

Best wishes,

Jen Davey

My email is or text me on 07557272559


GeneralPosted by Judy Wed, March 15, 2017 20:58:10
I'd just like to thank you all for your messages, visits, cards etc while I've been in hospital. They have been a great encouragement.

I'm now home - just about to turn in (it's surprising how tiring the outside world is!) but just wanted to say if anyone feels like a cuppa i'll not be going far so you'd be most welcome to pop in. Perhaps give me until the weekend to get sorted and a phone call first would be worth while as I may be out occasionally. Looking forward to a few visits.

Train tickets for Wednesday

GeneralPosted by Judy Mon, January 09, 2017 22:49:49
Most of us should be better off getting a cheap day return to Denby Dale on Wednesday. Off Peak return is £6.20 so will only be £3.10 with passes.

I parked at D.D when I went over the walk and got a single to Shepley from there with my railcard which was £1.20, so would be about £1.80 without a railcard.

That makes it £4.30 with a pass and Railcard, £7.40 with Railcard but no pass, and £8.00 without either.

So that means it's cheaper to do it with split tickets unless you don't have either card or pass in which case an ordinary cheap day return is £7.70.

We should be able to buy both tickets at Sheffield.

See you on Wednesday - hope it's not raining, think it might be windy, though!
Judy smiley

Message from Brian

GeneralPosted by Judy Thu, December 29, 2016 16:08:53
For those who were out on my walk yesterday (28th) - I had an email from Brian yesterday evening asking me to pass on his thanks to the group for making him welcome on the walk and he hopes to see us next year.

He also wished us Happy New Year and told us 'dew yew keep atroshin' - which I take to be Norfolkese (if there is such a thing!) for 'do you keep walking' - an instruction, not a question!


GeneralPosted by Judy Mon, November 14, 2016 08:52:41
After much discussion again on the walk yesterday it was decided that 26th February was better for most people than 19th as we'd previously thought. It's not ideal for some but at least most seem to be able to make it so we're going with that - 26th February.

Hope no-one's already booked but if you phone and explain the situation I'm sure they'll change it.

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