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Tomorrow's walk

GeneralPosted by Judy Mon, January 28, 2019 20:03:48

Hi Tuesday Ramblers,

Unless the weather forecast for tomorrow deteriorates then I intend to do The Fair Weather Walk. This involves going on to Wharncliffe Chase which is very exposed. So wrap up warm. We will be having our lunch before or after the Chase, in a sheltered spot.

When catching the tram bus from Middlewood Tram Terminus at 10.26 ( hopefully)Make sure you catch the SL1a bus as this goes straight along the main road at Deepcar. We will be catching the bus at Oughtibridge.


Lynn x


GeneralPosted by Judy Thu, October 25, 2018 09:32:35
It's been pointed out to me that, in my last blog, I put the last date for ordering Sunday's Christmas dinner was 7th September - in which case we're all too late!

I don't know what calendar I was looking at because I got it completely wrong anyway - we do, in fact, need to order by Wednesday 5th December.

Sorry about that.

Christmas Dinner

GeneralPosted by Judy Wed, October 24, 2018 21:14:42
Sunday Christmas dinner, 16th December.

I've had an email back from Little John - the deposit will be £5 and the last day to order will be Wednesday 12th September.

Susan will be collecting names on 7th and 14th November then I'll take it back again. Or you can email me -

Sorry, I can't get the menu to open in any other form on the blog. If you're not out to see it please email me and I'll email you a copy.

Sunday Christmas Dinner

GeneralPosted by Judy Tue, October 23, 2018 20:29:49
Yet another date to save! As you will have seen in the newsletter the Sunday Christmas dinner will be on 16th December at Little John in Hathersage. The walk will be led by Dave Jefferies and will finish about 4. We expect to eat between 4.30 and 5 o'clock.

The menu is below. I will start taking orders tomorrow but will then be away so Susan will take over from me for a while. I am waiting to hear from them about the deposit.

Sorry the image is not very clear - I'll bring some printed ones out.


Tomorrow's walk

Walks commentsPosted by Judy Tue, January 30, 2018 20:42:45
I realise this is a bit late but perhaps some of you may pick this up.

It's really for anyone driving out to Hope tomorrow. I'm hoping to have our 11 o'clock break tomorrow on the bus on the way and then perhaps an earlier lunch so if you are joining us in Hope perhaps you could have your break before the bus arrives.

It will just give us a bit more time on the walk.

Thanks, Judy


GeneralPosted by Judy Wed, November 08, 2017 21:22:32
It was decided on a walk last week that we would go to Patterdale from February 25th - March 2nd next year. Offers don't seem to be coming through as early this year so prices may be a bit higher - still great value, though. If we leave it too late we may not get in at all.
Some people have already booked so get booking if you want to join us.

From Hazel

GeneralPosted by Judy Sat, September 02, 2017 18:18:24
Hazel has asked me to let everyone know how pleased she was to see all the Ramblers at Paul's funeral and to pass on her thanks for all the cards and donations. (It was good for us to see her, too.)

For anyone who sent a cheque - she says donations are still coming in and she wants to send them all off together so it may be a while before your cheque clears.


GeneralPosted by Judy Sun, August 20, 2017 21:26:02
Sorry this is a rather belated note just to say the collection at Paul's funeral tomorrow will be for the Alzheimer's Society.

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