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Green Lanes Campaign

GeneralPosted by DaveJ Sat, October 28, 2017 11:05:54
Hi everyone

I think some of you will be interested in voting for Patricia and the Peak District Green Lanes Alliance. The PDGLA has been doing some great work to make green lanes free from 4 wheelers and trail bikes. These chew up ancient routes that originate with horse and carts and are not suitable for motor traffic. As representative Patricia has worked hard for the campaign.



Dear all

I see I (in effect the Peak District Green Lanes Alliance) have been nominated in the category Campaign or Campaigner of the Year for the Great Outdoors Awards 2017

I knew nothing about this but please vote for me as if the campaign against motor bike and 4x4s use of green lanes wins it will give a huge boost nationally to the profile of the issue.

To vote, go to and scroll down to Campaign/Camaigner of the year

Many thanks
Patricia Stubbs

Rare fungus found on walk

GeneralPosted by DaveJ Thu, October 12, 2017 00:06:20
To the excitement of some and the bemusement of others we had an early break in today's walk whilst the enthusiasts took photos of a very rare fungus we found.

Known as Devil's Fingers (botanical name Clathrus archeri) it is quite striking in appearance although masked in the grass as you will see in the photo. In all we found 5 specimens and this may be the most northern record of the fungus. I am drying the specimen I collected and it may go to the national herbarium at Kew.

It is native to Australia and New Zealand. The first UK record was in Penzance (1946). It is described as very rare in the UK.

The fungus spreads its spores by attracting flies and it stinks (the smell is sticking to my fingers after several washes). The black blobs on the photo are the spore masses. You can also see the jelly filled egg like structure that splits open to allow the fungus to emerge.

Incident on Today's walk (3rd Oct 2017)

Walks commentsPosted by DaveJ Tue, October 03, 2017 18:18:28
Just a note for everyone on the walk today. As you may have been told a climber (Edward) had fallen off Curbar Edge. Fortunately a couple of holidaymakers had made out his cries for help so were heading to find him and alerted us so Liz and I went to see if we could be of use.

Edward was injured with what appeared to be a broken ankle so while one of the holidaymakers was phoning 999 we tried to make him warm and comfortable. It was useful to have my GPS so that we could give the grid reference especially because the other two did not know exactly where we were not being local.

In fairly quick time first the air ambulance arrived followed later by the Edale Mountain Rescue and another paramedic. They carried out immediate first aid and pumped Edward full of painkillers plus gas and air. They then took him off to Sheffield NGH. Other than the ankle or lower leg he seemed OK as he was put into the helicopter so we assume he will make a good recovery.

Thanks to Sheila for ringing to check that Liz and I got back OK. We did and had a very good stroll down to Baslow just in time to catch a 218.

Judy Gathercole

GeneralPosted by DaveJ Sat, March 11, 2017 13:20:26
Hi everyone

Judy had a stroke yesterday. Fortunately the friends she was with realised that there was a serious problem and got an ambulance immediately. As we all know prompt action is important.

I saw Judy in hospital earlier today and she is recovering well. Her speech is good and she can use her fingers properly even demonstrating that she could touch her nose. The main current problem is high blood pressure. Judy's spirits were high and she is as indomitable as you would expect of her.

I am sure we will get progress reports from other visitors and I am sure we all wish Judy a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her on a walk very soon.


Cancelled Walk on 12th March

Walks commentsPosted by DaveJ Sat, March 11, 2017 13:17:38
Hi everyone

The walk tomorrow has been cancelled. Some people might not read their email in time so can you let anyone you know who might be coming on the walk that the walk has been cancelled.


Moderate option for walk on Sunday 5th June

Walks commentsPosted by DaveJ Thu, June 02, 2016 16:35:05
It looks like good weather on Sunday so should make a great day out.

The main walk on Sunday takes in a steep climb and ridge walk over Chrome Hill so fairly strenuous. If there is demand on the day we have a moderate option that meets up with the goats at lunchtime. (It will be a 3 stop walk.)

The Chrome Hill walk is spectacular but the alternative has some great views as does the shared section.


Chew reservoir walk on Sunday 22nd

Walks commentsPosted by DaveJ Mon, May 16, 2016 23:49:11
Hi Everyone

A couple of points about the walk.

We will meet at the Middlewood Tram Terminus at 9:19 to sort out lifts. Car drivers: do not go into the tram link car park, it will cost you £2.50 to get your car out. Park opposite the terminus.

The walk is strenuous and won't be fast so we expect to get back to Crowden car park between 6 & 6:30 based on our reccy. We will have an afternoon stop so bring an extra slice of cake etc.

Hope to see you on Sunday.

Dave & Geoff

Green lane consultation

GeneralPosted by DaveJ Tue, March 15, 2016 18:02:27

I think this message from Patricia Stubbs, Chair Peak District Green Lanes Alliance will be of concern to everyone.


Dear All

The Peak Park is consulting the public on its plans to ban 4x4s, motor bikes and quad bikes from a precious but badly damaged green lane called Washgate. For those who don't know it, Washgate is on the Derbs/Staffs border and it includes an ancient packhorse bridge. It is heavily used by motor vehicles and has been badly damaged. A photo of the lane showing some of the damage is below. It used to have a decent, soft surface. Please try to find time to take part in this consultation. The details are on the Peak Park website at .You can respond online.

Please also forward this email to friends and family and everyone you know who cares about the Peak District.

Other news is not so good. The Conservative government has ditched the promise made in Parliament by the Coalition of a stakeholder group to advise on the use of green lanes by offroad vehicles, followed by full public consultation. This means there is no early prospect of a change in the law governing motor vehicle use of green lanes. Meanwhile, we will be continuing to work on lanes in the Peak District.

Best wishes and thank you for your support

Patricia Stubbs
Chair Peak District Green Lanes Alliance

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