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Fixit Co-ordinator

FixitPosted by Jan Wed, July 03, 2019 18:08:55
Hi all Fixiteers

I find myself unable to continue as Fixit Co-ordinator as of now, and would like to suggest that someone else comes forward to continue the valuable work that our group have accomplished.
Thanks everyone for the wonderful work you have done. You have been reliable, good humoured and oustandingly consistent. It has been good fun, we have organised the work to give everyone a job and therefore job satisfaction. Over, now many years, we have improved the footpaths in the area in which we walk and have had gratifying feedback from fellow walkers.
Whoever takes on the role should understand that most of us are long retired and the jobs we do have to echo our years.

I will gladly spend time with my successor and pass on any tips I can.

Regards to all, Jan