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Fixit Monday December 4th

FixitPosted by Jan Tue, November 21, 2017 19:28:20
We are working on the track from Redmires Reservoir leading up to Stanage Pole.

The job is to uproot and dispose of an invasive plant called Piree Piree which has taken a hold in this area. It is spread by walkers and sheep. The Council have sprayed with little effect and are reluctant to repeat as the area is so close to the reservoir.

Bring small spades, forks and trowels, buckets and plastic bags. Gloves will be necessary as this plant is a burr. Kneeling pads might be a good idea!

Cars can be parked at the bottom of the track.

We are planning to go for a Christmas drink/meal, when we have finished work, at the Shiny Chef.

Tony will be there to make sure we are pulling the right plant, and he will be responsible for destroying them.

See you at 10 , if weather friendly!