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Changes to transport concessioms

General 2014Posted by DaveJ Sat, February 08, 2014 15:57:58
You may have heard that there are major changes to the bus pass concessions. The changes that affect us are that free travel will start at 9:30 and train travel will not be included. However trams will still be included but from 9:30. For the official details see Changes start from April.

I have done a quick, and rough, analysis of how this will affect us and of the 171 walks in the database about 65 are affected. Half of these are bus/tram times before 9:30 and the rest are train rambles.

The Rambles Committee will meet to consider the implications and what we can do about them. It may be possible to change the timings of some walks but bus cutbacks have already made some timings difficult. So far there has been no other news about changes to bus services.