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I.C.E. Form

General 2014Posted by Judy Sat, February 01, 2014 20:03:44
It was agreed at the committee meeting that we should make available an 'In Case of Emergency' form. We are hoping everyone will fill one in, place it in a plastic bag and attach it inside their rucksack. In the unlikely event of an accident or illness it will help others to get in touch with the right people and may also help emergency services if by any chance you are unable to tell them of medical conditions etc.

This can be found on our website if you click first on 'Walks' then 'Walks resources' or you can use this link: .

If you click on 'In Case of Emergency Form' it will download a word document. There are 2 forms on the page (1 A4 sheet) so if you print it out and cut it into 2 you would be able to give one to someone who doesn't have a printer.

We would urge everyone to make use of the form. It could give peace of mind in an emergency to say nothing of possibly helping to save your life or at least help to make sure you get appropriate treatment as soon as possible.