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my walk next Sunday 29th

Walks commentsPosted by Deena Mon, October 23, 2017 09:41:53
Dear all,
I have edited the details of my walk to show that we are now catching the 8.20 272 bus to Fox House, and not the 9.20 bus, as first written. I shall be boarding the bus at Ecclesall Road stop, near Banner Cross shops. I have changed to earlier time as we shall have shorter daylight hours, having put our clocks back the night before. It is a linear walk, with bus back from Baslow. I hope that some of you are able to come. Thanks. Deena

Get Together

GeneralPosted by JackieD Sat, October 14, 2017 17:57:15
Hello Everyone
At the recent leaders meeting I volunteered to arrange a lunchtime get together, as I know there are some people ( including me) who have not been able to walk with the group recently.
So how about the Weatherspoons pub The Water Board in the centre of town near John Lewis.
Hopefully the venue will suit most people. I thought Tuesday 31st October at 1.0pm.
Let anyone know who might like to go, and let me know if you can, as I may need to book if there are more than a few.
Thanks Jackie
Telephone 2349713

Rare fungus found on walk

GeneralPosted by DaveJ Thu, October 12, 2017 00:06:20
To the excitement of some and the bemusement of others we had an early break in today's walk whilst the enthusiasts took photos of a very rare fungus we found.

Known as Devil's Fingers (botanical name Clathrus archeri) it is quite striking in appearance although masked in the grass as you will see in the photo. In all we found 5 specimens and this may be the most northern record of the fungus. I am drying the specimen I collected and it may go to the national herbarium at Kew.

It is native to Australia and New Zealand. The first UK record was in Penzance (1946). It is described as very rare in the UK.

The fungus spreads its spores by attracting flies and it stinks (the smell is sticking to my fingers after several washes). The black blobs on the photo are the spore masses. You can also see the jelly filled egg like structure that splits open to allow the fungus to emerge.

Incident on Today's walk (3rd Oct 2017)

Walks commentsPosted by DaveJ Tue, October 03, 2017 18:18:28
Just a note for everyone on the walk today. As you may have been told a climber (Edward) had fallen off Curbar Edge. Fortunately a couple of holidaymakers had made out his cries for help so were heading to find him and alerted us so Liz and I went to see if we could be of use.

Edward was injured with what appeared to be a broken ankle so while one of the holidaymakers was phoning 999 we tried to make him warm and comfortable. It was useful to have my GPS so that we could give the grid reference especially because the other two did not know exactly where we were not being local.

In fairly quick time first the air ambulance arrived followed later by the Edale Mountain Rescue and another paramedic. They carried out immediate first aid and pumped Edward full of painkillers plus gas and air. They then took him off to Sheffield NGH. Other than the ankle or lower leg he seemed OK as he was put into the helicopter so we assume he will make a good recovery.

Thanks to Sheila for ringing to check that Liz and I got back OK. We did and had a very good stroll down to Baslow just in time to catch a 218.

Fixit October 2nd

FixitPosted by Jan Tue, September 26, 2017 13:29:54
We are hopefully going to finish the cutback overlooking Agden Reservoir this month.
See you at 10ish. Bring all cutting tools. Tony is dropping off the post and waymarkers at 10.
Anyone needing a lift please contact me on 07811161980.

Proposal to demolish Mayfield Valley cottage

GeneralPosted by Neill Mon, September 25, 2017 14:21:26
Hi. I have just today heard about plans to demolish a historic cottage in the Mayfield Valley and replace it with an ultra-modern building complete with swimming pool. The proposal is going to the Council's Planning Committee on October 3rd.

Hallamshire Historic Buildings are organising objections to the proposal. You can read about the proposals here.

I think the Mayfield Valley is one of the delights of Sheffield, not least because of the patchwork of traditional farms and farm houses and buildings. I will be objecting as an individual, and I hope that as many other people as possible will.

I am also asking the Ramblers Committee to consider the application.

Neill Schofield

Error on last fix it blog

FixitPosted by Jan Sun, September 03, 2017 19:26:29
See last blog and read September 11th for postponed Fix it. Apologies

From Hazel

GeneralPosted by Judy Sat, September 02, 2017 18:18:24
Hazel has asked me to let everyone know how pleased she was to see all the Ramblers at Paul's funeral and to pass on her thanks for all the cards and donations. (It was good for us to see her, too.)

For anyone who sent a cheque - she says donations are still coming in and she wants to send them all off together so it may be a while before your cheque clears.

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