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Christmas meal Wednesday 6th December. The Cock Inn Oughtibridge

GeneralPosted by angela Wed, November 15, 2017 22:07:50
Attached is the Menu for those who have not seen it this week. That means you Tony!

John will lead a morning walk and we will aim to get to the pub before 1.30pm.


Thursday Outing 16th Nov.

GeneralPosted by JackieD Sat, November 11, 2017 22:19:44
I am unable to go to the showroom to see the Follies on Thursday evening with Angela, Lynn and Dorothy. The ticket is already paid for, and they are meeting at 5.30 for a bite to eat beforehand.
If anyone would like to go in my place please contact Angela Coles
Thanks Jackie


GeneralPosted by Judy Wed, November 08, 2017 21:22:32
It was decided on a walk last week that we would go to Patterdale from February 25th - March 2nd next year. Offers don't seem to be coming through as early this year so prices may be a bit higher - still great value, though. If we leave it too late we may not get in at all.
Some people have already booked so get booking if you want to join us.

Christmas Dinner

GeneralPosted by David H Wed, November 08, 2017 16:46:58

Dear All,

Please note,

I am having problems with my BT internet email again. I will be using a new email address from now on. The new email address is

Here is the info about the Christmas Dinner.



The dinner will be at the SPITFIRE INN

Mickley Lane


S7 4HE.

The meal booking is for 16:30.

I will be taking bookings, and the choice of your meal, when I am on a Sun/Wed walk or,

you can contact me, Phone 01142350005, or email and leave

your name and choice of meal.

There will be a £5.00 deposit, required for the booking.

The cost of the meal 2 courses, £11.99. 3 courses, £13.99.

The start time of walk and Bus No will be posted on the walks progamme

You can find the Festive Fayre menu at


David Hogg

Green Lanes Campaign

GeneralPosted by DaveJ Sat, October 28, 2017 11:05:54
Hi everyone

I think some of you will be interested in voting for Patricia and the Peak District Green Lanes Alliance. The PDGLA has been doing some great work to make green lanes free from 4 wheelers and trail bikes. These chew up ancient routes that originate with horse and carts and are not suitable for motor traffic. As representative Patricia has worked hard for the campaign.



Dear all

I see I (in effect the Peak District Green Lanes Alliance) have been nominated in the category Campaign or Campaigner of the Year for the Great Outdoors Awards 2017

I knew nothing about this but please vote for me as if the campaign against motor bike and 4x4s use of green lanes wins it will give a huge boost nationally to the profile of the issue.

To vote, go to and scroll down to Campaign/Camaigner of the year

Many thanks
Patricia Stubbs

Get together Tuesday 31st October

GeneralPosted by JackieD Tue, October 24, 2017 17:15:16
I have spoken to the Weatherspoons staff at the Waterboard and they have asked if we could go earlier at 12.0pm as it often gets very busy later.
Not many people have replied but just turn up it should be OK. I have booked for tables in my name if you ask on arrival.
Please pass the new time on to anyone you are in contact with.


Get Together

GeneralPosted by JackieD Sat, October 14, 2017 17:57:15
Hello Everyone
At the recent leaders meeting I volunteered to arrange a lunchtime get together, as I know there are some people ( including me) who have not been able to walk with the group recently.
So how about the Weatherspoons pub The Water Board in the centre of town near John Lewis.
Hopefully the venue will suit most people. I thought Tuesday 31st October at 1.0pm.
Let anyone know who might like to go, and let me know if you can, as I may need to book if there are more than a few.
Thanks Jackie
Telephone 2349713

Rare fungus found on walk

GeneralPosted by DaveJ Thu, October 12, 2017 00:06:20
To the excitement of some and the bemusement of others we had an early break in today's walk whilst the enthusiasts took photos of a very rare fungus we found.

Known as Devil's Fingers (botanical name Clathrus archeri) it is quite striking in appearance although masked in the grass as you will see in the photo. In all we found 5 specimens and this may be the most northern record of the fungus. I am drying the specimen I collected and it may go to the national herbarium at Kew.

It is native to Australia and New Zealand. The first UK record was in Penzance (1946). It is described as very rare in the UK.

The fungus spreads its spores by attracting flies and it stinks (the smell is sticking to my fingers after several washes). The black blobs on the photo are the spore masses. You can also see the jelly filled egg like structure that splits open to allow the fungus to emerge.

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