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Fixit October 1st Monday

FixitPosted by Jan Tue, September 25, 2018 14:02:29
I would like to send Tony Andrews our condolences following the recent death of his partner Celia. She died very suddenly a week last Saturday after just returning to Sheffield after a lovely holiday in North Wales. I am away until Saturday, so will most probablymiss the funeral, but if anyone can represent Fixit contact Susan Rushworth to find out when it is. We will go back to The Three Merry Lads on Monday and do a cutback from the path we worked on last down to the bottom. We will also walk a bit of the top path and identify other sections which may need attention. I have in mind a plank crossing over the brook where the path goes very steeply down and up again. See you in the car park with cutting tools at 9.30/9.45 on Monday 1st

Sept 3rd Fixit

FixitPosted by Jan Mon, August 20, 2018 13:39:39
September 3rd FIXIT will be at Lodge Moor.
We have permission to park at the Three Merry Lads pub car park and they will lend us a wheelbarrow to carry tools down to the path.
We will work to the right and left of the path immediatly below the pub.
The work to be done will be widening, levelling, root removal, a bit of cutback, and some step building? The path is ok in lots of places, but very poor in areas! We will discuss what needs doing before we make a start.
Tools. Spades, saws, crowbar or similar, hammer, drill ( Chris )
We should bag what we remove, as its a very well used path.
I have asked Tony for the materials we need for the steps.
How about very civilized coffee break in the pub.
Thanks Judy suggesting this as a job venue.

No August Fixit

FixitPosted by Jan Wed, August 01, 2018 19:21:24
We are going to have a rest/holiday in August as no job has emerged. Please talk to walkers and see if we can come up with some worthwhile job for September.


FixitPosted by Jan Wed, July 25, 2018 13:17:01
Does anyone have any suggestions for the August FIXIT? If so please get in touch.

July Fixit Monday 2nd

FixitPosted by Jan Mon, June 25, 2018 20:42:07
Next Fixit will be on July 2nd We are working in Deepcar/stocksbridge Cutback and steps Bring appropriate tools cutting gear and digging tools Site is between Haywood Lane and Wood Royd Road Meet at top end Wood Royd Road for best parking Does anyone have a lump hammer? Path on steep bank( you may not like it Joan) See you at 10 Thanks, Jan

June Fixit

FixitPosted by Jan Fri, May 25, 2018 13:57:22
Hello Fixiteers;
Because so many people are away in June we will schedule the next Fixit for the third Monday which is the 18th.
Tony may find a job for us but if not we will return to The Porter Valley, park in the car park at WireMill Dam and work on improving the drainage channels leading up to Forge Dam.
Look out for a possible update which I will blog if Tony comes up with an alternative to the above.
Happy Holidaying with no incidents!

Change on May 14th

FixitPosted by Jan Thu, May 10, 2018 09:00:02
Forget Shorts Lane job, there was a problem with the landowner.

We are back to Hagg Lane/Back Lane, where we reset the steps.
We need to finish off the steps, do a cutback and some drainage work.

Bring cutting tools. Tony will bring what we need for the drainage work.

Parking as before on that ccrner by the steps.

See you between 9.45 and 10

May 14th Fixit. MONDAY

FixitPosted by Jan Sun, May 06, 2018 14:20:45
Our next job is by the river off Shorts Lane, Dore.

Go through Dore and take the Townhead Road which leads into Whitelow Lane, cross the river and take the left into Shorts Lane which is a dead end.
Park in the layby on the right opposite the footpath sign which leads down to the river.

We are improving the path by using stones from the river.

Bring digging tools, shovels, stout gloves and plastic buckets.

Any queries phone my mobile.

See you there at 10 or if pos 9.45

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