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Party Party Party

FixitPosted by Jan Thu, July 18, 2019 13:49:56

I thought we should have a summer party for Fixit and Friends to mark a change in the Fixit history and celebrate what we have accomplished over the last few years.

So! It will be on Saturday August 31st at 1.0 pm in the garden at 104 SouthgroveRoad S10 2NQ

There are no parking restrictions on Saturday

Its a bring and share and bring whatever you like to drink.

Lets hope the day is warm and hopefully sunny. I shall put up the long suffering gazebos if it isn't.

So! Spread the word and hope to see you all there.

Fixit Co-ordinator

FixitPosted by Jan Wed, July 03, 2019 18:08:55
Hi all Fixiteers

I find myself unable to continue as Fixit Co-ordinator as of now, and would like to suggest that someone else comes forward to continue the valuable work that our group have accomplished.
Thanks everyone for the wonderful work you have done. You have been reliable, good humoured and oustandingly consistent. It has been good fun, we have organised the work to give everyone a job and therefore job satisfaction. Over, now many years, we have improved the footpaths in the area in which we walk and have had gratifying feedback from fellow walkers.
Whoever takes on the role should understand that most of us are long retired and the jobs we do have to echo our years.

I will gladly spend time with my successor and pass on any tips I can.

Regards to all, Jan

Fixit July 1st Monday

FixitPosted by Jan Sun, June 23, 2019 15:56:53
Fixit for July 1st

Location 35 and 10 to start with.
2 stiles below Spitewinter Farm

Only stonework on both stiles

Parking at Spitewinter Farm

Location 21 and 18
Head towards High Bradfield. After the last turnoff on the left to Low Bradfield, take the next turn right onto the farm track to Cliffe House Farm.
Park at the bottom of the track for both jobs.

21 is repairing a wooden stile. The stile is a long way up a terribly rough track, so Mr Hinchcliffe the farmer will take us and tools up on his tractor.

18 is installing a square post with chamfered top and fixing 2 waymark arrows.

Tools for last two jobs
Drill, saw, hammer, nails and digging tools (Chris if you can come! Lovely, if not please let me have the drill)

I will bring timber and digging tools + sack trolley. Any questions phone me on mobile.

I think we might manage all 4 jobs!

Monday June 3rd Fixit

FixitPosted by Jan Thu, May 23, 2019 19:12:22
We are going to improve 4 stiles this month. Location 3 Moving existing post further out into the field to allow the gate to fully open Digging equipment. Location 2 Putting in timber hand post with yellow arrows both ways Cutback around stile and some improvement of stonework Digging and cutting equipment Parking for these two stiles is on the road down from Bradfield Secondary school opposite footpath sign on the right Need 3 people for these two stiles. Barry, Laurence and Cynthia for cutback? Location 35; Re-build stone work on both sides of stile of steps (most work on lower side of stile) Muscles and stone-cutting chisels. Parking at Spitewinter Farm ( down track and park on the track off to the left, making sure not to park on the grass) John, David H, David K . Depending on how many workers some can move down from this stile to Location 10 to do an easy job of moving/lowering/raising stones to improve on existing stile. Chris, you can have a holiday this month as there is no carpentry! I will bring the one pole we need and project tools.

Fixit May

FixitPosted by Jan Fri, April 12, 2019 13:36:33
Because the first Monday in May falls on a bank holiday and many people have family events, we are planning to work on Tuesday 7th May.

We are back to the stiles project.

Last month we completed 2 stiles no. 6 and 7, putting in handrails in both cases. The stone work on the second needs to be revisited, reorganised and completed.

This month we need to put in another handrail ( location 4) which is the next stile along.

We also need to put in two posts and a short handrail at Low Ash Farm, the livery stables.
If Chris, David Hogg and 1 other could start with this one at 9.30 that would be good. I have already seen and spoken to the farmers.

Location is just around the corner from the dirt track to the coffin route stiles, on Stubbin Lane and off to the right side. The farmers prefer you to park on the grass verge to the right side. It is only a short walk down the farm track to the stile designated.

Everyone else park in the usual place and we will complete stone work on the second stile and work on the third stile along.

I have contacted Tony Andrews to see if there is a job in the area that fixiteers not working on the heavy
stile work could do, I have not yet heard from him.

Monday April 1st FIXIT

FixitPosted by Jan Sat, March 16, 2019 10:15:10
Back to the site off Stubbin Lane again. Jez Kenyion has been buying specialist tools to start work on the Bradfield Heritage Way Stiles Project. He is buying the timber required from Eyers, and we are going to pick the timber up and take it to store at Spitewinter Farm before April 1st. The aim is to complete 3 stile jobs and continue with the coffin path. Bring in addition to the normal cutting and digging tools( if you have them) crowbar, sledge hammer. I will bring the drill and also the sack trolley for moving big stones. Chris Dauris is coming to lead/advise on the carpentry! We will sort out who works on what at the time. It usually sorts itself out without major organisation. Let’s hope it’s stopped raining by then!

March Fixit Monday 4th

FixitPosted by Jan Sat, February 23, 2019 20:23:14
We are going back to the coffin trail off Stubbin Lane to reveal the next stretch of the paved way, but at the same time starting the first job of The Bradfield Heritage Trail, which is stile number 7. We will improve the stone work of the stile and put in a grab post to make it more user friendly. Jez from The 40’s Group will be coming and will arrange to purchase the timber needed. Parking as usual on the track which should be nice and dry. Bring digging tools, pick axes and cutting tools, as there are brambles on this stretch. Buy The Sheffield Telegraph this coming Thursday as there is an article about The Bradfield Heritage Trail Project and The Fixit Group, also the funding raised by Terry Howard to finance the improvements to the Trail. We would also like to go to the next stile job to discuss our improvement work in April.

February Fixit Monday 4th

FixitPosted by Jan Fri, January 25, 2019 15:06:28
Tony wants us to do a job in Bolsterstone in February.
It is a path improvement job, some levelling, widening, cutback and 2or 3 steps

Bring cutting and digging tools.
It is up a paved private road leading to Cote House off Sunny Bank Road
As it is quite a long way to Bolsterstone, I suggest that 4 of us go in one car. David Hoggs is the biggest! So with David's ok it will be Lis, David K, me and David Hogg?

We will go back to The Coffin Route Path to tackle the next field in March!

If anyone would like to go to a meeting with Terry Howard about The Bradfield Heritage Trail Project it is on February 22nd at 10.30 at The Woodland Discovery Centre in Ecclesall Woods on Abbey Lane.

Any queries! Phone my mobile

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